July 26, 2013

A true love story

Sweater- American Apparel/ Jeans- American Eagle/ Shoes- Forever 21/ Bag- MK/ Belt- Primark/ Necklace- Dogeared/

I was wanting a really comfy and yet elegant look with a little twist so I chose my American Apparel sweater. So there’s a special story to this sweater. I saw it on blogs so many times and I fell in love with it the first time I saw it so I went to American Apparel which is unfortunately an hour away and tried it on. And boom there it was that special moment I had when I tried it on and I knew I couldn’t resist! Have y’all ever had that boom moment? Well, I looked at the price tag and started choking. 90 freaking Euros for a sweater?! So I walked out of the store thinking I would get over it. Well I guess what?! Didn’t happen…. months later when I saw pictures of it again and I was still craving it I bought it! Ever since we’ve been very happy and we will live happily ever after!


TINA said...

You're just so cute.
Perfect look. Can't wait to meet you.


Lara said...

Ich liebe deine Outfits! :)
Und ahhh du bist immer so schön braun, wie machst du das bloß? :D

Anissa Marie B ♥ said...

Looks gorgeous! And cute story :D x

Von Streblinka said...

such a great look! cute and edgy, love it :)


Iva said...

What a nice jumper ! Really cute !