March 3, 2013

My first Quinceanera

Here we go with another outfit! I went to my first quinceanera today! It was really exciting ,and for those of you who didn't know what that is like me two days ago, it's a mexican tradition which Mexicans celebrate and it's about the fifteenth birthday of a girl (it's comparable to a sweet sixteen in the states). It's kind of like a gate to the life as an adult or so. It was so diffrent to everything I was used to and the celebration was bigger than every wedding I've been to so far! It was huge! I was wearing a dress from Zara that I got like a year ago and I fell in love with it! The Parker is always gonna be my essential! I'm wearing it all the time and I got it like 2 years ago at Mango. It was kinda expensive but it's worth every Cent! It makes everything so casual and I just love the special look it gives to Outfits. The necklace is from Burlington and it was like 10$.
xoxo, Paula 

6 Days till Chicago! Can't wait!

By the way y'all check out Selina's blog Rode drive!

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