December 30, 2012

Hello again

Okay guys I am so sorry that I didn't post for so long! I'm just busy here in Texas and there is no time to blog. I seriously miss it that's why I try to post more in the new year! My new year's resolution! 

I don't know how to explain it but I really changed since I'm here. I kind of adjusted to the way americans dress. I felt so strange in the first days of school when I actually dressed like I normaly do. I'll try to go back to the way I like to dress and take some pictures of the 'americanized' outfits. 

Well I wish y'all a happy new year and I hope u still read my blog. If so please comment something you would like me to post about!


Laura ♦ said...

Du sieht so toll aus. Kann man glatt neidisch werden. :-/


Marylou said...

ich liebe das outfit !

Vera said...

Super hübsch :) Und ich lieb die Schuhe ^^

Katze said...

Hey Texas Girl ;)
I'd love to read about the differences in Streetstyle in Texas and Germany :)

Kim said...

wow hübsche fotos :) dein blog ist echt toll, deshalb folg ich dir jetzt hoffe du mir auch :) schau doch mal vorbei
Kim :*

rachellena said...

you look great!! du siehst einfach glücklich aus und das freut mich für dich. Ich würde mich freuen, wenn du mehr posten würdest, da ich es sehr interessant finde! :)
Alles Liebe dir.

Nini said...

Ahh die Schuhe!!!!